Thanks for stopping by the Comfy Couch Command where Marine Moms run the war. If you are the parent of someone who serves in our military then you already know about the battle within yourself to let go when it’s time for your children to leave the nest. It’s hard enough to let our children grow up, but letting them grow up in a war zone is a true life-changing phenomenon…..for US, the parents!

Sometimes we will cry, and often we will laugh. It’s all about learning to let go and keeping your “inner control freak” satisfied at the same time. We hope you will comment often and come along for this ride for which we were all drafted.


Beth Pennington is a mother to three boys. Her oldest son entered the Marine Corps through the Delayed Entry Program at the age of 17. After being “drafted” into the Marine Corps family, Beth survived the silent thirteen weeks known to all of us as Boot Camp,  an 18 month period of Special Operations training where Marine Moms learn never to ask questions, and this side of deployment during her son’s three combat tours.

After teaching elementary school for several years, and logging countless hours as home school mom, room mother, team mother, and parent volunteer, Beth found herself the adopted platoon mom to a unit of deployed Marines. During her tenure as the mother of an active duty Marine, Beth founded a nonprofit organization, Military Missions, Inc. which supports military, veterans, and their families.

Karen Sparks:

Faith Wells:     Married to retired 100% disabled, Infantry Marine, I work for the Kentucky State Police (have been a employed by that agency for the majority of my adult career-started out as a E911 dispatcher, then moved around to various positions within the agency & now work in the Human Resources Branch at HQ), was a Kentucky foster/adoptive parent of teens, am a ordained Chaplain, love being outdoors & being active (hiking, walking, gardening, etc), am a HUGE animal lover/dog person (have three fur-babies), love my family & church family (who are all AMAZING PEEPS).


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