What Is Your Race?

What is your race?  No, I’m not talking about the daily rat race that we so easily get caught up in.  I’m talking about what race have you been called to run?  What were you placed here to accomplish/do?  No one is here by accident or happenstance.  You were created and born on purpose for a purpose.

Believe it or not there is a reason for your existence and what you do matters.  Your actions, regardless of how seemingly small, unnoticed or insignificant have a ripple effect in the lives of those around you.  We all have a sphere of influence.  You come in contact with people on a regular, occasional or haphazard basis and the race you’re running will impact them.

Think I’m crazy… Let me give you one possible scenario to illustrate what I mean…  You’re a high school counselor, a student comes to you who has always dreamed of being in the military.  Even as a child, this young person’s dream was to serve in the armed forces.  Problem is this young adult grew up in a household of doctor’s who always pushed him to follow in the family tradition and go to medical school.  Instead of pushing this young man, you listen.  Help him, get information on all the military branches so he can make an informed decision about which branch and the pro/cons of military life compared to that of say a doctor.  Then you encourage him to live his life, follow his heart and don’t be afraid to run his race.  Thanks in part to your encouragement, this young man joins the military and ends up being deployed to a war zone and saves the lives of several in his company.  What if you hadn’t provided that encouragement?  What if that young man had never enlisted?  The lives of those he saved could’ve been lost.  Someone wouldn’t have gotten their brother, husband or son back home from the war.

I realize there are a whole lot of if’s in that scenario, and many times the results of our actions may or may not be so dramatic, but make no mistake they are just as impactful.  In this day of “__________ lives matter.”  Truth of it is ALL lives matter…. From the law enforcement officer to the crackhead, the rich, the poor, the lawyer, the construction worker, four-legged and two-legged alike.  Life is precious.  I know many people who feel like they have no real control in this world/their life, but the one thing EVERYONE can ALWAYS control is how they treat others.  The kind of impact you make and mark you leave on the world and others is totally up to you.  Making an impact isn’t some giant, one time, earth shattering event.  Rather it is lots of daily, small little events… Steadfastly and faithfully running our race, sharing love, kindness and support to the spectators and other racers we meet along the way.

In this race you may wear many hats/titles… mom, wife, Marine, soldier, grocery store clerk, preacher, student, teacher, cook, and the list goes on and on… I encourage you to run your race well, with purpose, on purpose, consciously aware of those around you and the impact you could/would/should/can and will make on them.