Take a Minute…

Know that feeling you have when you suddenly realize something you’ve forgotten to do?  Either something you forgot at the grocery, to return a friend’s call as promised, to drop off the electric bill payment, pickup the dry cleaning, the list goes on and on, but that moment it hits you suddenly out of nowhere at a moment you least expect it and usually when you can’t really do anything about it?  For me, instinctually, I wanna beat myself up and feel less than par for allowing something so big (or even sometimes small) to escape my radar and be forgotten, not completed/accomplished.  I wonder how in the world could I forget something like that?!?!

I’m sure many reading this right now can relate to the above scenario.    Well, allow me to give you a little encouragement by saying you are not alone, you don’t have to be perfect, and you’re allowed to not remember everything.  Truth is, most of us have such a full plate that it’s more surprising that MORE things don’t get forgotten or overlooked.  It’s no small miracle we remember to wear matching socks, have our wallet with us, and remember to turn off our hair straightener so we don’t burn the house down!

If I told you there is a way to eliminate such a full plate, I’d be lying.  Truthfully we are always going to have a lot of responsibility and important things to fulfill and needs to be met.  However, I will encourage you to say “no” sometimes.  You don’t have to do everything!  Regarding that to-do list/things to accomplish:  Prioritize, delegate, eliminate and make time for yourself.  YOU are important!!  YOU are more than Ms. Responsible aka Super-Woman.  You are YOU and YOU deserve to stop and take a breather and do something for yourself.  Whether it’s taking a nice hot bath, reading a chapter in a book, taking a coffee break at your favorite coffee shop, go for a walk at the park, workout at the gym or going out for dinner with your best friend.  Don’t forget to make yourself a priority on that list from time to time.  If you don’t, the list of things you forget will start to grow and your attitude/outlook may also begin to become less than optimistic.

One last thing, I want you to cut yourself some slack!  When you do screw up or forget, remember it’s not the end of the world & it doesn’t make you a horrible person, mother, wife or friend…. It makes you HUMAN!!!  :).

s/Faith Wells