With the New Year well underway, I must say I’m full of hope for a fruitful, productive, joyful and exciting 2016.  My husband and I are especially looking forward to a door God has opened for us to be a part of a program to help veterans and their families, recover, reconnect, and discover how to thrive in their life.  I must also admit that the realization that “2020” is only four (4) years away is more than a little CRAZY!!!  When I’ve always thought of the year 2020, I’ve envisioned The Jetsons cartoon (if you’re too young to remember the Jetson…google it! Lol) and aspects of life depicted in it being a reality in our day to day life.  Example…cars replaced with mini flying space craft, automated food preparation machines that create whatever meal you want at a command of your voice.  Now do I think it will be like that?  Probably not, however, with the ever mind blowing advances in modern technology, who knows the surprises and way of life that await us in 2020.  I mean truly, do you think folks in the 1920’s ever envisioned the Smartphone and the world on the internet/online everything we find ourselves in today?!?!?!

Regardless of what the future holds, I know who holds my future and I trust the journey He has me on.  I know that the times we live in are tumultuous and seemingly uncertain and even in some ways hopeless.  However, I want to challenge you to embrace 2016 with a new and fresh perspective, even daring to have hope.  You may be asking, “How can you ask someone to have hope in a time like we are living,” “What can we have hope in?”  As long as it’s today and you’re breathing, there’s hope.  Although I sound like a broken record, I know and truly believe beyond a shadow of a doubt every one of us can make a difference in our world.  There is someone’s life you can positively impact.  It’s summed up perfectly in one of my favorite quotes:

“Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as ever you can.” 
― John Wesley

Even if you find yourself facing the New Year feeling empty and sucked dry from 2015, know that every vessel has to be empty before it can be refilled!  So, even feeling empty, you are in a perfect position to be refilled with hope, peace, joy and expectancy for good things.  It is never too late to start over.  Your past doesn’t have to dictate your future.  Expect better and when necessary make changes to get better!

s/Faith Wells