Step up…..

That phrase kept rolling around in my thoughts and heart today.  It comes from watching the apathy of the world around me.  It saddens my heart to see the state our country is in these days.  We are governed by a President who seems to take ISIS and threats against Americans as seriously as I take a lady bug landing on my shoulder.  Seeing the people follow anything the media is spinning blindly like sheep, trusting it is true and just eating whatever is fed to them regardless of how ridiculous or opposite from the truth it may be is disturbing and mind-boggling. Watching veterans go without care, suffering and dying due to a system that is crippled and unable to provide for their needs saddens me beyond words. Our society has turned into the be offended by everything, but never try to make it better…. just be offended and perpetuate hate, ignorance and continual offendedness!!!

I want to shout from the top of the highest mountain as loudly as I can….”WAKE UP, STAND UP, STEP UP AND DO SOMETHING!”  This country is full of patriots, Americans who stand for, believe in and love what this country was founded upon. The America we know has slowly and methodically been chipped away, torn down and destroyed.  There are remnants of her that remain and are kept alive in people like you and I. In our loved ones who fight in the military to defend those rights, beliefs, freedoms and ideals.

I am infuriated that the President of the United States used his national address regarding the massacre of U.S. Citizens by Muslim, radical, homegrown terrorist to perpetuate his agenda of gun control!!!  How dare he!  He and his administration and the liberal media have no shame or honor.  I can guarantee if one of those government employees in San Bernardino had been armed, fewer, if any of those employees would’ve been killed.  The only dead bodies would’ve been of the would-be assassins.  Disarming law abiding American citizens is not the answer to the problem of these shooting sprees.  In fact all of the slayings take place in gun-free zones.  Wonder why?  Oh, yeah, that way the only people who are armed are the bad guys!!!

What can you and I do?  Be vigilant of who you vote in government offices.  Don’t believe everything the media reports, do a little investigating to ensure you’re getting the entire story. Don’t be a lamb led to the slaughter. Don’t be ashamed of the rights and freedoms that so many have given their lives to ensure we have and don’t allow anyone to take those freedoms away.  In fact, exercise freedoms… particularly the right to bear arms.  We are not a socialist society, we are a free democratic society. The government is FOR THE PEOPLE, not in place to control and dictate the people.