Don’t Give Up!

Dreams still come true and the seemingly impossible becomes a reality. Hope/faith is a powerful force. Any person throughout history or presently that accomplished something great or profound first decided in their mind they could do it. Then, they took action toward making that thing a reality. It’s not enough to simply want something or wish for it… there must be action accompanying a vision. Laziness or apathy never accomplished anything. However, if you are willing to take steps toward your dream or goal, it can become a reality.

A perfect example of this is my husband. He began his military career in the Air Force. Prior to his assignment completion within the Air Force, becoming a U.S. Marine became his dream. Once he left the Air Force, he enlisted in the USMC, with the goal to become an Infantryman. He entered bootcamp and then SOI, successfully completing both and realizing his dream of being a being a “Grunt,” “Devil-Dog,” United States Marine Infantry. He will tell you looking back he cannot believe he survived, much less successfully completed all that was required of him. It was the hardest thing he’d ever done. The key was he decided in his mind he was going to give it his all & refused to give up. Once he decided it in his mind, his body followed. Where your mind goes, the rest of you will follow. If you believe you can or believe you can’t, you’re right! Truly, every battle, challenge, goal we set is first decided in our mind. Success or failure is a mindset and an attitude.

Now make no mistake, sometimes we may not reach a goal. Some things are simply not meant to be. Circumstances can arise that may prevent some things from coming to pass. However, that is not a reason to quit or give up and never try. When a door closes, look for a window.

One thing that has always been a defining, prominent ingredient to the core of what the United States was founded on and resonated through every fiber of her founders and those who have continued to support, defend and perpetuate all she stands for is this…. They are willing to step out and take action and they refuse to quit. I am so thankful for all of our Troops that never gave up. Death may have ended their fight, but their sacrifice will not be forgotten and the results of it live on today. The fact I have the freedom to write this blog and you have the freedom to read it is proof of that. May God bless, encourage and strengthen you and all our troops, wherever you are, giving you the ability to carry on until you see your dream/vision realized.