Stand United

United by and for a common purpose and goal……

Why is the United States military so effective and powerful? Yes, our weaponry and technology are a huge part of it, however, without the people operating, maintaining and directing those things with skill and precision, they would be of little effect. The military is effective, because everyone within it is operating as a unified, well oiled machine. Everyone has one common purpose and goal and within that they have a specific part/job/role to play. When everyone is doing their part, working together as a whole, things run smoothly, missions are successful and the enemy is defeated. If however, everyone or even just one person within the company decided to do their own thing, ignoring, neglecting or rebelling against the part they are to play, chaos and/or death will result. Think that’s far fetched….. what if a group of recon soldiers had infiltrated enemy territory to gather information about the enemy’s whereabouts. Let’s say this group found a large encampment of the enemy and they were attempting to stay concealed and remain undetected so they could gain as much information as possible and then get out without the enemy even realizing they’d been there. What if one of the soldiers in the group decided to stand up, starting yelling and fire a flare into the air….. the entire group would be detected and could potentially all lose their life. Why? Because of the rebellious, selfish, foolish action of ONE person.

If you watch the news, it’s easy to see the lack of unity within the United States and apathy by a large majority of her citizens toward protecting our great land and the freedoms she was established upon. It’s as though so many seem to have forgotten or don’t care how America came to be and all that has been sacrificed by so many to establish her and protect her and the freedom, protection, and very way of life she provides to we the people. If we all stopped identifying ourselves by the color of our skin, our religious denomination or our political party affiliation and started to see ourselves as AMERICANS what a positive, profound effect it would have. I’m not saying we should all be mindless zombies, all forced to believe the same thing or be like a socialist society in which everyone is forced to be the same, have the same and be controlled by the government. God forbid that ever happen. This country was founded on freedoms to be individuals and have freedoms and certain inalienable rights. That very freedom is what should be uniting us for one common goal and purpose, to protect those rights and freedoms. One of the things I love about Marines is that once a person earns that title, that’s what they are…. a Marine. Doesn’t matter their age, if they are male, female, black, white, asian, latino, baptist, catholic or atheist… once they graduate bootcamp they are forever, simply a MARINE.

We the people, as well as the entire world, have a common enemy right now… ISIS. ISIS is not a Middle East problem, or an American problem they are a GLOBAL problem. ISIS is a plague against humanity. They eradicate men, women and children indiscriminately. They are destroying historical, irreplaceable antiquates and national treasures. They have no regard for any form of life or way of life. Their only goal is radical submission to them and total destruction to anything or anyone that refuses to assimilate. While the politicians are busy fighting each other and trying to limit/restrict the rights of American citizens, the wolf is at the door. The real enemy to not only Americans, but all of humanity is systematically scourging and spreading like a plague throughout the world.

Let us wake up, stop fighting amongst ourselves and take the fight to the true enemy.