The Greater Good

“The greater good.” What does that mean to you? What is the first thing that pops into your mind when someone says that or you think of it? I’m probably not the only one that instantly has first responders (police officers, fireman) or soldiers/warriors come to mind… Those who sacrifice so much to ensure the safety and well-being of others. Most assuredly those folks are definitely an embodiment of “the greater good” being lived out on a daily basis. However, can I broaden your horizons and expand your range of who and what may also exemplify that phrase?

How about the social worker who is carrying an overwhelming case load, reporting to an unsympathetic/disinterested supervisor, all the while dealing with his/her own personal life’s problems and tragedy, and making a salary that is barely enough to get by from paycheck to paycheck? Yet he/she goes above and beyond what is required to help the children and families whose cases he/she oversees. Those folks are more than a case file to him/her, they are real people that he/she wants to help effect positive change into their lives.


How about the woman who has a degree and flourishing career, but chooses to become a stay at home mom instead? Focusing all of her talents, skills, time, energy and love on her family. I’m not by any means saying that a mom who works full time and raises a family is not as equally devoted to their family, so no one please take offense. The truth is, I’ve had a full time career and been a full time mom and there are only so many hours in the day and you are only one person. My mom worked full time my entire life… still does, but I had an amazing childhood and she was ALWAYS there for me. I couldn’t have asked for a better mom or better way to grow up. So I’m not taking a stand that one choice is better than another. All I’m wanting to point out here is that women all over the country everyday choose to set aside their wants and needs in order to pour all of who they are into the life of their child.

How about the missionaries who leave the comforts of home to spread the gospel all over the world? How about the folks who volunteer at soup kitchens or homeless shelters or visit elderly shut-ins?

How about you? Didn’t expect that, did ya?! Whether you realize it or not, you’ve probably already done something to ensure and support “the greater good” of someone or something. Effecting positive, unselfish change or providing support to a cause, purpose or person greater than, or other than yourself falls under the covering of “the greater good.” Doing something to support or effect positive change isn’t reserved only for large scale incidents or groups, engineered by a team or committee, celebrities or the rich and powerful. It is something that’s accomplished or can be accomplished everyday by me & you. For example, if you’re part of (volunteer or support) Military Missions, you are doing something for “the greater good.”

What I want to impart to you today is that everyone can do something to make a positive difference in their world. Looking around at the state of our country and world it is very easy to get discouraged and depressed and think why bother or that there is no way one person can make a difference. I challenge you to realize that even if what you do only affects one person, to that one person, what you do changes their world. My husband recently found a story on facebook & posted a video of a guy who had seen a woman and her two children living on the streets, sleeping in the dirt. What did he do? He built her one room shelter (house). It was lovely… had windows, door, cedar siding. Now that may not seem like a lot to you, but to that one person it was life changing. She had somewhere out of the elements to sleep. Don’t grow weary in well doing. Do what you can, where you are, knowing that you are part of “the greater good” doers! 🙂

s/Faith Wells