Commanding the War from My Comfy Couch

What does it feel like when your child deploys to a war zone?  For most of us who have had to let our child grow up in such a way, we really can’t describe how it feels… least not in a nutshell.  If I had to choose just one phrase I guess the only one that could come close to justifying all that encompasses watching a child go off to war would simply be life-changing.  Your world view will change and you will find yourself wearing a brand new perspective.

The moment your child is gone from your view, your mind will automatically run right to “Will I ever see him again?”  When your mind starts to run there, it’s amazing to see how quickly issues that were once considered of great importance suddenly have no significance. You no longer care that your son got a tattoo.  After all, it’s just a Marine thing!  You don’t even mind so much that he occasionally slips and says a new vocabulary word that might not be appropriate at church.  All of the things that you nagged him about for years, seem petty and ridiculous, and you realize that you are so incredibly proud of him for what he is willing to do for his country, that the negative memories melt away and your heart just wants to burst with pride and love.

When deployment turns our worlds upside down, one of the first things we parents have to learn, very quickly, is how to deal with the fear.  As mothers, we’ve been worrying about every move our kids have made since they were stirring in our wombs.  It’s not natural for a parent if they aren’t worried about their kids. Any mother who tells you she is not worried about her children in some way can’t possibly be telling the truth.

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